Saturday, December 22, 2012

Creating Your Own Collage Board

It's 22nd December 2012 today in Malaysia. Writing this post at 2p.m. time.

Okay, whether it is a myth or whatever it is, we survived right? Life still need to goes on.

A friend of mine asked us to plan a head of something. Yes, it is true that we needs to plan something whether we will achieve it or not in a later day. It is good if we plan for a short term or long term, i.e. 3 to 5 years time.

Today, I am posting about making your own collage board.
Well, of course the following contents was not written by me but I extracted from one of the website I found.

As for myself, I have planned for what I want but there is no harm to try the another steps. Have fun!

Make a Collage Vision Board
(extracted from

Make a collage vision board is the Creative Experience for today. Many people use visualization to create what they want. But visualization is all in your head.  When you make a collage of what you want, you are actually tapping into the way your brain works. Research has found that the brain thinks in images first and words second. So making a visual representation will speed up the process.

If You Know What You Want
The first thing I like to do when I make a collage is journal my intention. I like to write out my visualization. I visualize my perfect day where I already have everything I want. And I use all my senses to ‘experience’ that day. Check out my post Manifesting Abundance on how to write out your intention. I look at the journaling of intention as the road map to making your vision board. Now I have framework for the images I want.

If You Don’t Know What You Want
I’ve also used this process for discovering what I want. When I got fed up at my last job and quit, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. So I wanted to make a collage as a tool for discovery. In this case, I didn’t do the journaling first.

Tools You’ll Need
  • 18 x 24 piece of paper or poster board (larger is better, you can always make it smaller)
  • stack of magazines
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • markers, paints and/or colored pencils
  • some “me” time
The Creative Experience
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Relax your body. Roll your head around to release the tension in your neck and shoulders. Take another deep breath. Feel your body sitting in the chair. Now, think about what you want, or open yourself to the possibility of what you want. Spend about 5 minutes.
Then open your eyes and start looking for images and words that appeal to you. Don’t think too much. Try to work intuitively. If you like an image or word, tear it out. YES, TEAR IT OUT. You can trim later. But tearing is a whole lot of fun. Keep working til you have a large stack of images and words.

Make a Collage
Remember, there is no wrong way to do this. Don’t trim yet. Start playing with the images and words. Group them together. Trust your intuition. As you keep moving them around, they will find their own space.
Maybe the images will all touch each other. Maybe there will be space between them. Remember, this isn’t so much about the end product… it’s about what these images mean to you.
When you are happy with the layout, start gluing them to the page. Once you’re finished, you may want to add paint or marker. Maybe not.

Once you are finished, spend some time with your vision board. You may want to do a little journaling afterward. The most important thing is to LOOK AT IT EVERY DAY. You need to spend some time with it. I promise you, if you spend time with it every day for 30 days, you’ll be amazed at the transformation in your life.
And don’t be afraid to make a collage that focuses on one specific area of your life. You can use this vision board process to create anything you want.

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