Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fabric Roses - Roses are women's best friends

Roses, roses.

Roses are women's best friends. Would you agree with me?

Today, I would like to share with you about handmade roses using fabrics.

During my secondary school, I make miniature roses using ribbon for one of my project in school. The subject name was "Kemahiran Hidup Elektif 2" where our teacher taught us for the following subjects -  electronic, wood, cooking & sewing.

The technique I used was folded ribbon roses.
The ribbon width I used was about 0.5cm or lesser. After the rose was shaped, I stitched using thread & used some white lace as bottom.(P/s: I do not have the photos of it as it was a project I did for approx. 15 years ago)

Now, I made roses using fabric. It gives more width & you can even made bigger petals.
I made these roses because I need to upcycle one of my dress. I am still working on it & shall post the upcycle dress once I have done.

I have been surfing the Internet for "handmade roses or handmade fabric roses". Guess what?! Wow! There are so many tutorials over the Internet & you can get handful information with photos tutorial from these lovely crafters.

Here is my handmade fabric roses which I combined a few techniques I learnt over the Internet.
Note: There are always failure during the making process. You will always need to practice to make it perfect or to achieve on how you want it looks like.

4th roses. Used gold button to give a maturity looks.

1st & 2nd roses. Used glass pearl to give vintage looks.

What about my 3rd roses? I ruined it as it does not come out with what I expected. So I need to remake it.

Here is the list of the links for you to learn about handmade fabric/ribbon roses.

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