Saturday, October 6, 2012

Annoucement? It is my twice experience of...

Hi everyone

How are you? I am doing fine & sorry that I have been missing in these 1 month plus.

I have been busy with something important & it is still in process.
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This year, I participated 2nd time in flea market.

The first one was at Handmade market, Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang. (in short HMM)
It was a great experience to participate in flea market which located not in KL but Penang. I had a fun time with ACG members where all of us rent a bus all the way up to Penang.

Some of the photos taken during the HMM @ Penang.
(Photo source: Some are from ACG member, GTF facebook & mine)

Just arrive at Penang & taken at Chulia Heritage Hotel.

 My booth. Everything is in order. ^_^
The crowd during the evening time inside Yap Temple Hall.

The crowd during the night time inside Yap Temple Hall.

 Rosette flower using MS punch. This is my giveaway to children who drop by my booth. Even the teenager & adults loves it. They did get it. ^_^

Group photo of ACG member before we leave the hotel on 2nd day. 


The 2nd flea market I participated are Gila-Gila Seni Carnival at Metro Point Kajang for 2 days. This event was organized by Art & Design dept., New Era College in conjunction with their 10 years anniversary. I was so blessed that I met with Raha (event coordinator) & her students. This is also my first time to have such a good experience & nice atmo as they provided a wood hanger (partition), table, cloth and handmade banner.
Some of the photos taken during the HMM @ Penang.
(Photo source: Some are from NEC facebook, Saza (shareyourlovewithcards) & mine)

 Customer was asking about some of my handmade stuffs. They are from New Era College.

All my handmade cards.

A view of my hand embroidered piece.

My handmade beaded & wired jewelries & accessories.

A view of my booth.

This is the handmade banner by New Era College student. Love it.

This is the partition I mention earlier. I displayed some of my handmade cards.

Me & Saza from shareyourlovewithcards.

This is the items (banner, pottery & Thank You letter) which I received from New Era College.

That is all about my flea market experience so far for the year 2012. 

(p/s: I was inactive earlier due to I have Degree studies to complete & I had graduated in Apr 2012.)

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