Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Hey everyone

Happy New Year 2015.
Year 2014 is a year with full of ups and downs in my work life, personal achievement & so forth.

The fantastic things in year 2014 is the time with my family members as well as supports & encouragement from my family & friends. Thank you so much & I do appreciate it!

My year 2014 were awesome. Here it goes!

Jan 2014: Being part of the Cupcake Inspiration Challenge team.

It is wonderful to be part of the team & getting to know each other. Kick off with my first card design with the team.

Jan 2014: Bangkok & Pattaya Trip

Family trip. Visited one of the temple (sorry, can't remember which temple it is but I know I must cross the river using the boat). I love the temple itself as it was still upkeep with its history & natural of architectural. The porcelain ware was used to decorate as a piece of art of itself.

 I collected few seashells at Pattaya. Yes, the beach was beautiful & found many rare seashells too.

Visited Cafe Deseo which located at Sukhumvit Soi 7. Yes, if you attempted to get a sugar taste, do visit this cafe. I personally like the environment & how they had decorated their cafe. (p/s: personally know the owner actually but not trying to hard sell).

Came to Bangkok & for sure to visit my friend here. Thank you for the hospitality. I had a good desserts & coffee here too.

Jan 2014: CNY Dinner by my younger brother

Not to forget that my brother treat mom & myself a very nice & superb CNY dinner. Love you & mom. Huggsss...

Feb 2014: Co's Annual Dinner at Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor & JPO

I do have a full time job. Yes, we went to Johor for our annual dinner & JPO on the next day. Bought a dress from DP for myself.

Hats Party. I crochet few flowers to add into my hat as embellishment. The flowers is still there now. ^_^

Feb 2014:First time making own infinity dress
Yes, this is me. This is my first time of making own infinity dress (convertible dress) to attend my friend's wedding in Mar 2014. From then, I know I can sew... Hehehe

Mar 2014: KK, Sabah Trip

It's family trip again. A view from the waterfront. Walking tour around KK town but tiring. We split a few days to tour whole KK town. Did met up with my friends in KK but we missed to take photograph.

A view from Nabalu.

Jun 2014: Pet's World Expo at Mid Valley

Had the opportunity to met Aunt Suzi Chua & received a hand-painted stone - Rabbit. Thank you so much for the lovely gift. Also with me, Felicia Loh from The Art Mind.

Jul 2014: Great time with ACG members during Spotlight opening ceremony

ACG members...We had fun & great time chit chatting too.

Oct 2014: ACG AGM meeting at The Refinery. Photo courtesy from The Refinery. Photographed by Mr. Ben Toh.

ACG had their AGM meeting at The Refinery, D6 Sentul. The place was awesome while you can see each piece of artwork from our local artist.While, most of the interior design are designed by the local artist.

Aug 2014: Registered my very own business license

Yes, I made it. Registered for my very own business for handmade stuffs. There a lot of ups & downs before & after registered my very own business. First, I registered because I want people to know that I sell handmade stuffs & to made my branding recognized by everyone. Yet, I was happy after registered my business. Thank you so much for the encouragement to my dearest friend for the supports.

Aug 2014: Participated in Handmade Market, Georgetown Festival

Was kind of last minute preparation for HMM event but at last, make it. ^_^

Nov 2014: Last day with Ms. Kubo sense
Yes, I attended Japanese language class at ICLS, KL. We took a photograph with Kubo sense.

Dec 2014: Wedding Guest Book

Another new challenge for me. Making a wedding guest book for my cousin's wedding.This wedding guest book was made with fabric & paper. I was happy that both of my cousin & cousin - in - law was happy to receive this wedding guest book.

That's all for my wrap up story for beautiful 2014. Do you have a story to share? Do leave me a comment. Thank you.

Happy New Year 2015

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