Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Craft Room

Hi everyone

Yeah, my first ever time to share my craft room over the blog. Been sharing my craft room idea over Facebook since last year. My craft room a.k.a. also my very own bed room. Having a limited space but able to manage a small little space of my craft haven.

What actually I did was I bought all my supplies from local store. Mix & match.

The most recent was I bought a white lack from Ikea. Drill the holes by myself & of course, with my brother help as this round the lack is larger.

Getting ready to drill holes. Laying newspaper around for easy cleaning.

Ta da.... My new lack with my mini table.

The decoration part really took times as I kept on changing the arrangement until now. Hmmm.... Crafters loves to stock up right? Teeehhehehee....

Above 2 pictures was after the mini renovation. I love it so much. It looks much cleaner & bigger space with white lack & grey table. I have the other section (well, on the left side) with oak / teal color. So it looks kinda messy. (-_-)"

Above 2 pictures are my latest revamp.

That's all for my craft room.


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