Friday, February 15, 2013

Handmade Distressing Tool

Hi everyone

Happy Chinese New Year! 
May the year of Snake bring everyone ...

longevity, prosperous & happiness!

Today is the 6th day of Chinese New Year.

I have done most of my visits to relative's houses. I took leave for one whole week & been crafting a lot on assigned project. Yes, some of it related to the recent announcement of Paper Craft My Challenge with the new design team. Everyone is busy celebrating, working & trying to meet the deadline for each projects.

Today, I would like to share about my very own handmade distressing tool.
To be frankly speaking, I do not owned any distressing tool. I have been trying with anything which I can get from my own scrap or anything I have at home.

Here are my experiment with distressing tool which easily found in your own space.

Rubber stamp handle with felt

What you will need is 1 rubber stamp handle (any size) & a piece of felt cut as per its base size. Stick using bond glue for the first felt (felt & based) & stick with double-sided tape for the 2nd felt (felt & felt).
  Best used for edging or certain area.

Dish washing sponge (any brand or cheap one)

Small size or sizes you preferred.
  Best used for edging or certain area.

Distressing tool (MOST FAVORABLE)

Not so pretty, but I bet this is the best tool I can make of. I grabbed these stuffs from my own scraps & make up stuffs & without getting a brand new stuffs. (Okay, except the sponge!)
Best used for anything!

What you need is
1. Several pieces of latex make up sponge (foundation use).
2. Any round container which similar size with the sponge.
3. Foam tape.

Latex sponge for make up. (Bought it from SINMA.)

 Anything recyclable & similar size. Either using the toothpick container / sweet container.
Stick foam tape at the bottom of the container. (Ignore the orange sponge as this is the result I have been removing the 2 sponge I have currently)

Place the sponge at the foam tape. Taaa-daaa--- Your distressing tool is ready for use.

Still not satisfied. Here is the result I get using 2 distress ink - faded jeans & walnut stain & above distressing tool.


 I placed a piece of plastic so that the cutting mat will not be dirty with distress ink. 

Have fun!

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