Sunday, July 16, 2017

CIC414: Cupcake Inspirations: Color: Black, Yellow & White

Hey everyone

Welcome back to my blog. Sorry for not updating for a long time. I was super stress with my daily work until today. Today, I am back with my "new" me & I hope I can continue my efforts. Thank you so much for supporting & patience with me. Life was not as easy from this year onward as there are many ups and downs at my side. I hope I had the strength to move on further. This week, I am waiting an official announcement on this Tue. Hopefully, there is a good news.

This week in Cupcake Inspirations, color challenge - Black, Yellow & White.

We are sponsored by Gerda Steiner Designs. Thank you for sponsorship.

My Inspiration Card / Project: 

1. Die cut stickers.
2. Pearl sticker.
3. American Crafts ribbon.
4. Die cut tags from Mr DIY.
5. Die cut alphabets from Mr DIY.
6. Pre-printed card stock from Spotlight Malaysia.
7. American Crafts stapler.
8. Die cut words from Popular bookstore.

1 comment:

  1. I love this card. Even more I am so glad to hear that things might be in the up swing of positive. I've missed your blog. Praying things keep getting better!!!