Sunday, May 15, 2016

CIC360: Cupcake Inspirations: Color Challenge

Hi everyone

Welcome back to my humble blog.

First of all, sorry that I need to blog about what really happened to me recently. You may skipped this part if it doesn't interest you & proceed to my inspirational card.

Last week (11 May 2016) was a scariest moment for me. A moment of nearest to faint and death.

I was issued with painkiller and antibiotic which I have never took before to treat tonsillitis. It was my first time to caught tonsillitis. After taking these medicines, I was attacked with allergic reaction. Considering that I am lucky as I did not went back home & still in the office. Thank God that my colleague are around and one of my colleague accompanied me to the clinic. During this moment, I told myself not to collapse or faint as I wanted to get myself to arrive at the clinic which was 3 mins away.

It all started with numbness on my abdominal, coldness, short breath, gum swelling, red eye & heart pumping fast. Without any hesitation, I quickly told my colleagues that I need to return to the clinic as I do not felt comfortable. My team members told me that I looked so different and my face and hand swelled.

Reached at the clinic, I have blur vision and could not breath. Dr. was not around as he went for lunch. However, the nurse contacted the Dr. and they able to save me after their con-call. I was treated with some medicine and with oxygen supply. Dr. came back half way from his own lunch and quickly my health condition. Thank you, Dr. for the rescue. Oh, ya... I am now allergic to dextroketofen and augmentin medicines. Gotta carry my allergic card everywhere. I am still waiting for my friend to do a bracelet/necklace and a bag tag.

Just a picture of myself. The left picture was taken after 30 mins of inhale with oxygen. The right picture was next day photo. See how different are my lip. I couldn't imagine how big are my lip before the oxygen!

Okay, that is all about my S.A.D. story.

Let's come back to my inspirational card.
This week challenge at Cupcake Inspirations is about...

Color Challenge: Blush, Ruby & Gold

We are sponsored by Altenew. Thank you for your generous sponsorship.

My inspiration card:

Card Recipes:

1. Acid free card stock & patterned papers.
2. Die cut star shapes.
3. Altenew freebies received while purchase one of the paper craft magazine at my local stationery and book supply. All came just right in time. I just love it!
4. Rhinestones.

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  1. Awesome card! I love the colors! I hope your feeling better! I'm sure that was scary!

  2. I'm glad you were able to be treated quickly! Allergic reactions are so scary!!! As for your card, it's just beautiful!!!

  3. Thank you, ladies. Yes, I am glad that I am alright now. Just need to be more careful next time.