Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Gardening Info: Mint

Hi everyone.

It is another blog post about gardening.
Well, it is my very own experience here about gardening. So, I jotting down everything I know here.

I bought my mint plant (I can't remember what kind of mint I had bought previously) years ago & I did not take care of it. Running wild and I even grow a very huge weeds instead. Thanks to my friends who enlighten me and taught me how to replant this mint plant.

 Small mints with big weed. Running wild...

Eventually, in order for me to identify how does a mint looks like is easy.

1. Just a slight finger rub on the leaves and smell it. If it has mint smell, then it is mint.
2. Mint branch is always red in color.

So, how to replant mint? (Skipping the part of pulling weeds, making the soil, and etc)

1. Trim those long branches of mints and just pluck it into the soil.
2. Do not put too many mints in the pot. Otherwise, it will not grow with big mint leaves.
3. Remember to water everyday. They loves water and sunshine.

Tips and tricks: When the mints leaves starts to grow small, then replanting is required. Reason being there is not enough space for them to grow.

This is replanting session. 

The left one doesn't grow with big leaves as I had too much of mints in it. Thus, I would need to replant again.

After few weeks, it grow healthy and bigger leaves.

Happy gardening!

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