Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gardening: Succulents

Recently, I started gardening with succulents. I was thinking to plant some cactus but not my big time favorite as they have spike on it. 

Last week, when I was doing some window shopping, these 2 succulents catches my eye. I love it so much and of course, with influence from one of my friend who keep on posting her succulents in Facebook.

I personally love succulents as they are not spiky and you can do some decoration with these plants.

These are the 2 pots I bought from one of the local shopping mall. 

Then, during the same week as well, on Saturday, my friend eventually helps me buying 4 pot of succulents, also gave me another pot of plant.

These are the 4 succulents bought by my friend.

And, another pot on the right of the photo was a gift from her.

Gotta find more info of my plants and how to take care them. Green finger starting soon.

Stay tuned!

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