Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY: Making Own Shimmering Mist

Hi everyone

It's been awhile that I have not post anything about DIY stuffs.

Today, I am going to write about how to make your own shimmering mist. I have been wanted to buy tattered angel mist. Instead of buying, I wonder if I can make something out from my own scraps. I just went Google around & I found several videos in Youtube / DIY instruction from the crafters.

Here is the steps.

1. An empty mist bottle.
2. Distress ink: Salty Ocean
3.Mod Podge - matte
4. Eye make up (with shimmering effect; This is one of the eye make up which I want to dispose. Well, now making use of it)
5. A container contains luke warm water.

 Fill up half with luke warm water into the empty mist bottle.

I used the straw by dipping into the mod podge. We just need a little bit of the mod podge.

Then, stir into the bottle mist. The water will change into milky color.

I use another straw to take some of the eye make up. Since I am using salty ocean color, I just use the blue shimmering eye make up. You can also use the ice-cream stick as well.

Put the blue shimmering eye make up into the mist bottle.

 Add in 3 drops of salty ocean into the bottle mist.

 Using the straw which dipped into the mod podge, stir the mixtures.

Close with the mist cap. Ta-da... Now you have the shimmering mist. Did you notice the shimmers?

Then, tried it on the paper. This one the 2 shimmering tag I made.

Have fun trying out on the budget shimmering mist.