Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Storage Idea for Papers

Hi everyone

How times flies… Now it is month of June & I am counting down the day for my next handmade market in this month. Guess where will I be this round? Wait for my announcement ya!

Okay, today I would like to share about storing papers. Previously, I have been storing the papers in brown paper envelope or even plastic bags where I bought my papers (which came in a pack) from the stationery shop. I have been wishing to get nice shelves but not manage to get one because I have small space.

What I did was......

1. I bought few "U" shape plastic folders (it can be A4 / F4 size... depends which one you prefer)

 2. Print labels (I used stickers) to label all the plastic folders.

 3. Store all the papers accordingly.


4. I bought 1 magazine rack to store my plastic folders. 

Cheap & economical way to store your paper right? and much organized too..

Have fun!

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