Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hydrangea in Pink

I made this hydrangea today.

Spent the whole day doing it while watching HK drama with my mom.
Well, spending time with family members is always a must for myself.

Hydrangea in Pink

I used Kure punch to punch out the hydrangea shape. Then, embossed it with embossing pen & ended it with glitter in the middle of the flowers.

I learn it from one of my crafter friend & enjoyed her class last year.

Happy scrappy Sunday!


  1. hai.. where can i get the hydrangea puncher? do u have any idea? i looked averywhere but nothing. huhu

  2. I am using Kure punch. I get it from Art Friend at The Gardens, Midvalley.

    There is another design of hydrangea from MS too. Can get it from online supplier.

    Have fun~!